For long, this art form was termed as a time-waster as it is a spontaneous drawing where the artist imagines and creates simultaneously. It requires no planning. However, Doodles or Doodle Art have gained much importance in recent times for its underlying power to improve one’s focus and memory. Neuroscientists and psychologists are trying to establish that these mindless drawings have cognitive benefits. Because the mind is so intensely attentive while drawing we can sum up that Doodling is also thinking. And one person who is Spreading LOVE through thoughts is Srirama Santhosh who launched DoodleMonk in April 2016 to give form and substance to his impressive collection of Doodle Art creatives.

Meet the Founder


Srirama Santhosh is an independent multi-medium artist. He did his under graduation in Arts from Kumbakonam College of Arts and his Masters in Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts, Chennai and also has a keen interest in photography. After his internship with Vikatan Magazine as a photographer, he joined ace cinematographer P C Sriram as an Assistant and got trained to be a Cinematographer. After years of Experience in cinematography, he did an independent film called “Kallapadam” which got a critical acclaim. Even though he was in films he was still pursuing his Art by conducting numerous Art and Photography shows around the country.

Niran Chander is the co-founder of DoodleMonk looks after Operation Management.

turning passion into a profession

Doodling was a way of expressing my inner thoughts, I am doodling for the past 7 years and a big collection of doodles for everything. So one fine day we thought of putting these on prints and various things we use daily and it was awesome, friends and family started asking us and then we made them into a product line.

a dedication to the art & the calmness it instils

DOODLE – Doodles are the simple and impressive artworks with a unique flavour of interesting elements in it. Simple things always make life beautiful. A little smile is what needed to spread happiness.

MONK – Monks are known to have complete mastery over their thoughts. By simplifying their thoughts monks unravel the complexities of life.

DOODLE +MONK – DoodleMonk is the perfect blend of doodle’s fun and monk’s immaculate simplicity.

the journey after turning professional

It was difficult setting up as a business. We had to do a lot of research to find the right vendors and manufactures in and around Chennai. It took us 6 months of research to nail down our raw material source.After that, we started promoting our products by setting up stalls in colleges; students were our first customers. It was a big hit among them. Then we started our own online website and started selling. We did a lot of marketing on Facebook and Instagram

We have been receiving very positive feedback about our product range especially about the excellent quality and the exclusive Doodle Art.

Spreading LOVE through thoughts


Our product range includes postcards, fridge magnets, posters, badges, bookmarks, mugs, notebooks, t-shirts and so on. We are reasonably priced and our product pricing starts at INR 30. 

Our clients are loving the Super Star and Namma Madras Doodle arts

Besides this, we also take corporate bulk orders. We can make specialised doodles for events and companies. Individual customisation is subject to order quantity.

doodling our way to expansion

Currently funded by our family and friends. But receiving such positive feedback on our products we are working on expanding our brand at a pan India Level. Since this will involve major money we are also looking for an investor to fund us our expansion plan. We have also initiated talks with retail outlets across major city and towns in India to stock our product. 


beyond the four walls

We do not have an office space or a studio per se but we have a place to stock up and work remotely.

We sell online through our website and stock at Odyssey Chain stores and Chamiers Coffee shop in Chennai. Besides we also participate in exhibitions to reach out to a more wider audience.