Amongst the 70 new Indian words added to the latest edition of Oxford English dictionary is one word that has been synonymous with India for long. We are known as the Country of Jugaads for our inborn talent of coming up with an innovative fix for any constraints by using available resources. Jugaad is proof of Indian ingenuity and creativeness. Using Jugaad and creativity we give available but not required anymore objects a new look, a new design and a new purpose.

This Jugaad mentality has played a big role in recycling and restoring material possessions that have long served its purpose but still finds a place of pride in our homes and hearts cause we are so emotionally bonded to it. And these sentiments is well shared by two young Jugaadus, Kritika & Ishita, two friends who were deeply inspired by the concept of Jugaad and understood well the emotional connect that one has with material possession and hence set on a journey to create masterpieces and give a new purpose to everyday objects which would otherwise be just a junk.  In 2014 they launched Desi Jugaad, a design studio that recycles disposed objects and additionally helps clients with customised restoration requirements.

meet the founders


Kritika Gattani: A Fashion Merchandiser by profession, a dreamer by enthusiasm! She loves to play with fabrics, create products from scrap, doodle around and paint the town red with her amateur canvases and artistic pottery. Down the road, she wants to own a café where everything is handcrafted by her.

Ishita Gupta: While this Research Analyst lost her focus in IT, she retained her research about innovative Jugaadu products. Don’t go on her petite figure; she is a Wikipedia expert, leaves no stones unturned when it comes to planning, TNA management. She is a colour palette enthusiast and a brilliant listener – something fairly uncommon nowadays!

Today – our work continues to be inspired by the potential of everyday stuff to turn into something quirky, innovative and artistic for the home. In the process – it’s not always about fixing the old and the broken – but it’s about starting over and turning it into something better. As they say “OLD is the new NEW

not finding one they formed one

The Idea triggered when one of the co-founders was looking for design companies who can recreate new furniture from the old pieces she had.

She did not want to reach out to the local carpenter. Unavailability of design houses led to the ideation of Desi Jugaad. 

we are ‘Indians’! And that’s our biggest inspiration!

Indians, on an overall, are an inspiration for us. Their daily lifestyle inspires us. Our company is aimed at using our creative imagination, we try and redesign products – that are already present in their daily life – with a creative twist.

We want to build a connection with our consumer and their day to day routine.

making the BEST out of the wastePreneurKonnect_DJ_Products

Creating happy & funky products by drawing inspiration from every day objects around us and restoring furniture. We have created a range of interesting accessory furniture, home decor, lamps. Our upcycled tyre ottoman and the bucket stools are getting the big thumbs up from our customers.

crafting your discard with ingenuity

PreneurKonnect_DJ_RecycledOrdersWe also restore old furniture pieces to give a new look. As Indians, we are sentimental towards our products, be it furniture or even an old dress. And at Desi Jugaad, we don’t do away with these sentiments; in fact, we value it – a lot. We hold on to them, refurbish the pieces and give a colourful makeover.

the journey so far

It was kind of tough. Especially for people to understand the concept and how the product was created using everyday objects was kind of challenging. 

creating the future

We are designing our new collection and planning to launch it in Feb’18

Simultaneously we are working to extend our base and market ourselves as a furniture restoration company. As a company, we would like to upcycle any old leftover pieces and also work on interior projects where our main aim is to restore and play around with available furniture.

Where imagination & creativity takes shapePreneurKonnect_DJ_Studio

We have a studio and workshop in Naraina Vihar, New Delhi where all the R&D and manufacturing happens.

You will also find us scavenging at the junkyard collecting waste pieces. If you drop by our studio cum store you’ll see colours splattered everywhere, on our dresses too, but mostly it is a bustling day laden with innovative ideas.

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