Lao Tzu once said Tea is the elixir of life. And he aptly puts the importance of tea in our daily existence. After water, tea is the second most consumed drink in the world.

In India, tea was introduced by the Britishers as a cash crop and today it has become our identity. We are not only the world’s largest producer of tea but also its largest consumer.

But how many of us really know about its rich heritage or the different varieties available. Do we know that different tea needs different brewing time? Or that coffee loving South India also produces tea and that you get a white tea variety as well. We never really gave it a thought beyond purchasing the brands that were available in your local Kirana store. But two friends, Ashis and Vivek, did and they wanted us to know about the different varieties of teas produced in India and different ways to prepare it. And in 2015 they started their journey with ChaiSafari with the objective to simplify our tea journey.

meet the TEAm


Ashis Agarwal: A third-generation entrepreneur, his family has been into tea trading and auction for decades now. Ashis, however, learnt the art of tea tasting and made the art of tea tasting and blending his forte. Based out of Siliguri, he now has 13 yrs of experience in the tea industry and has gained invaluable insights from industry stalwarts.

Vivek Singhal: PGDM graduate from XLRI Jamshedpur has worked with Lenovo and PepsiCo before starting ChaiSafari. Born and brought up in Siliguri, he has over the years moved around the country quite a bit. He has worked as an ASM for Uttaranchal and a trade marketing manager for Karnataka and Kerela for PepsiCo beverages.

Major tea brands do not try and explain the customers what they are selling. Also, a majority of brands have a long supply chain that affects the time between packing and consumption. With ChaiSafari our objective was to cut short this supply chain by procuring tea from the estates and blending and packaging it in our facility. We provide  customers with fresh, premium teas custom packed to their orders. 

travel inspired this journey

While moving around the country for education and jobs, I (Vivek) saw the immense gap that existed in the understanding of tea. The country that produced the best of teas in the world was unaware of most part of it. People who understood tea had no place to buy them. While discussing the idea with Ashis, we struck a chord and saw an opportunity. ChaiSafari was created to not only bring the best of teas from estates to customers but also help them understand the nuances in simple and better terms.

tea is to the body as music is to the soul


Just like to every song belongs to a certain genre like romantic, rock, sad, on the drive etc., we believe all teas also belong to certain genres. We categorise our teas based on Moods. These are genres that help customers identify with the type of tea they want and then deep dive into the relevant products.

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We are very particular about how tea is brewed and every pack that we sell comes with an instruction for preparations. Our products are priced anywhere between Rs. 245 to Rs. 1100 depending on the category you choose and has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of packaging. Also, you can order just a single sample pack for as low as Rs. 100 on our website.

Our consumers are swearing by the Classic Masala Chai i.e the Assam CTC tea with 7 spices. Kashmiri Kahwa and Fragrant Rose Platinum White come in second and third favourites respectively.

beyond tea

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We have a range of tea related gifts & accessories available on our website. Besides we bring out specific products for festive seasons, and also attractive gift packs regularly.

what keeps us brewing

The journey has seen a lot of ups and downs. Setting up of business was a difficult task. We had a lot of documentation, which took a lot of time. Later on, machinery and packing material vendors also delayed us quite a bit. 

But what keeps us going is the faith and response of our customers. We are absolutely indebted to our well-wishers who were our first customers. Our customers are delighted by the taste and freshness of our teas and have become regular buyers. It gives us a lot of confidence in what we were doing. 

brewing the storm

Right from our initial days, we have been marketing ChaiSafari on social media page and also through our Family and friends. Being a consumer brand in a single vertical, we need a lot of engagement. We generally post content that we are sure will strike a tone with our customers. We also focus on the elements and stories around tea, rather on our products. We leave it on to the customers to explore that. 

Additionally, the offline counters have given us a great push.  The touch, taste and aroma of the teas help the consumers make a better choice

our Presence

by Anne marie Carters

We have two locations. I (Ashis) manage the operations from Siliguri, where we have our warehouse and back office. Vivek is based out of Bangalore where he works from home with his dog for company.

one sip at a time

We are bootstrapped.  So we are building one brick at a time. We are focussing on making ChaiSafari as the one-stop solution for all your tea needs. Be it cafes, Iced teas, tea bags, loose leaf tea anything. We want consumers to consume the best of teas in any form that they do.

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