The Marwaris are a traditional business community where family businesses are passed down from one generation to the other. However, the new generation of Marwari boys is moving out of their’s father’s wing and carving their own path. One such lad is Ankit Saboo. He found his true calling in the most reserved fashion accessory and revolutionised it to bring it back to our wardrobe

Bow Tie finds its origin in the 17th Century when it was first worn by the Croatian soldier. During the 18th & 19th century it was adopted by the upper French class. The bow tie was mostly restricted to profession, formal social occasions and only by male gender until the 1980s.

The Indian Bow Tie Company is Ankit’s tribute to the accessory that exudes class and sophistication and additionally make it a part of our daily wear. He offers a range of handmade bow tie designs in a plethora of styles and fabric and non-fabrics like wood along with the classic silk one.

meet the Founder


Ankit Saboo was born into a Marwari business family and always had the knack for business. After finishing his MBA from SP Jain, Mumbai he joined the family business in 2009. His work took him to many places and it was during these visits to New York & England, where he noticed that men there who took good care of their grooming and dressing even while going to work every day.

Men’s fashion and accessories were something that was missed in our daily wear regime.

He developed a keen interest in fashion and most particularly the bow tie which he loved wearing almost with any attire. He purchased from various malls and boutiques across India and abroad. But when he ran out of choices, he decided to start a brand completely dedicated to bow ties. And that is how Indian Bow Tie Company was born.


Our Moochwala Bow Tie is our hottest selling product and the design is also patented by us. 

Naming came naturally

The name was a no-brainer. Since our designs are inspired and made from regional Indian fabrics like Ikkat from Telangana, Bandhej from Rajasthan, Kalamkari etc; India had to be there. Then since it is the very first exclusive Bow Tie brand envisioned and made in India; hence the name Indian Bow Tie Company

Small Steps every day

Initially, it was Rocket Science as I came from a completely different business background of engineering machines. Slowly and steadily with the help of my wife, I understood the various fabrics, colour combinations etc. Even the marketing of fashion products was a different ball game and friends in the industry really helped see things through.

your very own Bow Tie

We receive a lot of requests for customised bow tie from many customers. A special one was when somebody wanted a wooden bow tie resembling a piano. We receive these requests come from diverse points like Social Media, word of mouth from friends and exhibitions we have participated.

the journey so far

We started off in April 2015 and it has been a good and educative journey. India being a very big country makes it difficult for us to be market specific. Patience is the biggest tool for the Indian market. And the best market strategy is to get your products the maximum exposure. So far the audience has been wonderful and encouraging.

looking forward

We are changing the paradigm for Bow Ties. From cloth, we have moved on to wood and very soon Marble will join in too. Additionally, the plan is to add more unique handmade products and reach out to more Tier 2 & 3 cities in India.

my mantra for success

My grandfather Mr D.P. Saboo taught me to never cheat and always be truthful. I made his advice the motto of my life and business

Never compromise on quality, keep patience and always offer the best.

owning a bow


The Studio


to the Next entrepreneur

Make good use of India as we have pretty much everything we need to build from a needle to a Spacecraft. The only thing we need is faith in ourselves and hard work.

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