WHAT DO YOU DO? The second most frequented question after What is your Name. Now the important question here is, do you dread or look forward to answering this. If you dread, you might relate to what Yvonne said. 

“Happiness will never be obtained by chasing someone else’s dream. Make sure the ones you are chasing are yours”

Sometimes it is difficult to follow our dreams, but it is a real tragedy not to. Molly a trained professional working in the design industry decided to break free from the humdrum of a 9 to 6 life and explore and chase her own dreams. And thus got born DESIGN5 STUDIO

meet the CREATORPreneurKonnect_D5S_Founder

I have a university diploma somewhere for Fine Arts & Design that sparked a lifelong practice. After a long stint in the design & advertising industry, I decided to chase my dreams rather than somebody else’s. Out of this dream was born – Design5 Studio. Design5 Studio is my vision. It’s my fuel. And the fire. It’s my goal. And the wings.

“It always makes me happy to work on something new and exciting.  I immerse myself in the details. I have a knack for what I do. I live what I do. I love what I do”.

chose my dream over theirs

I love to design, handcraft, hand-paint and sometimes decoupage wooden products in my studio. They are full of joie de vivre, ‘eco-whimsical’ and fun! My designed products reflect my belief that a good design touches you therefore, it has to work like any other tangible feeling.


I create wooden home decor accessories out of various kinds of wood. Right from handmade wooden decoupaged trays, boxes, clocks cluthches to exclusive Wooden Jewelry.  My handmade wooden earrings are my most popular and fastest selling product collection so far. 

I also restore vintage furniture pieces and create customised gifts

old is the new NEWPreneurKonnect_D5S_Vintage Products

your thoughts my designsPreneurKonnect_D5S_Customised Products

My handmade wooden customised products are the most fun and the most challenging work that I get to do. I love creating bespoke gifts for people, bringing their ideas to life is a great feeling. I can customize my products to create original items just for you. Engraving someone’s name, the day or even adding a small message on the gift creates a keepsake to be cherished forever.

I have created surprise birthdays gifts for daughters, commissioned by her mom, who had her picture superimposed with her favourite boy band on it! And another where a daughter gave me the commission to create a Clock with an age-old picture of her with her kid brother and her dear parents. She said it will be a timeless gift for them.

the naming 

The 5 in Design5 Studio, refers to the five senses. I strive to create products and designs that appeal to all the human senses. Design is functional. This is my core belief. Design is human. Not virtual. Because it is meant for people. It doesn’t happen with fancy software and supercomputers. It takes birth with a thought. Aa simple thought that connects it with people. Design is not art. Design is meant for a purpose. If it does not communicate, holds no interaction, it is not designed. Design is not a self-sustaining ecosystem, but a two-way osmotic diaphragm. A good design touches you. Tickles you. At times, hopefully, even leaves you amazed.

where things take shape


I have a studio space in Shahpurjat Delhi. During weekdays my day starts and ends very early. I reach my studio by 8:00am and end working by 3:00pm. But weekends give me an opportunity to work longer and I get time to plan the next week ahead.

one creation gave birth to many others

No role models but I keep thinking what really keeps inspiring me. Pulling me together. Pushing me to find new horizons, challenges and expression. What happens now is possibly answered in what triggered all this firstly. My daughter.

This creation gave me the catalyst to find an energy in a creative career that almost had reached a full stop. The inaction became the trigger. The inertia provided the momentum. To propel not just my life, but my design journey.

overcoming the odds and growing

As a women entrepreneur, I had to learn a lot of new things on my new journey – cracking numbers (xl sheets were my biggest nightmare) or speaking to so many new people (BIG introvert!!). I had to shed my inhibitions about travelling alone, working with artisans in remote areas, but most of all ‘talking’ about my work to create new business opportunities. Being a very private person that was my hardest struggling point. Finding the right balance between work and family time to work while being a mother to a toddler was my biggest challenge in the early days of setting up my studio. The second thing I had to work hard upon was finding and managing the proper resources for wood, as I was only working with ‘leftover’ wood pieces.

But at the point in life, my company is on a roll. I love the fact that so many people recognize my work now. I am continuously working on new materials and always on the lookout for new ideas for my work. The main idea will always be sustainability but the medium might change. 

the future

I will be launching a new collection of Indian traditional art & handicraft based product collection really soon. Additionally, I have expansion plans in the pipe for the next financial year.  So far India has been my primary market.

my work has become my meditation

Tenacity is the biggest superpower one can have as an entrepreneur. I keep returning to a problem till I solve it. I create because I can and what I get in return is total contentment!

to today’s DREAMER & tomorrow’s ENTREPRENEUR

“The best kinds of dreams are the ones that you see with your eyes open”.

When Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing,” he must’ve been talking about us entrepreneurs. I am a firm believer in dreams and following them with all you got.  My advice to people would be to have a strong will…and a clear plan. Once you know what you want to do, start doing a wee bit of it every day. Follow your heart, do what makes you happy…and most of all, keep at it!!

Owning a DESIGN5 product

My majority of queries are born from previous client references. Besides my online store, I also receive many orders from Instagram and my Facebook page.

Give a Holler to Molly

Phone: 9599557919

Email: info@design5.biz