Ask any mother, new or of a teenager, about the biggest ordeal they face with their child and in 99.9% cases, it is the same answer. A fussy eater!!!.

For Dr Hemapriya Nateshan it was no different. Being a new age mom she dived deep to all blogs/ facebook groups dedicated to new mommies. But destiny had other plans for her. The more she read the more curious she got learning about the issues faced by other new parents. Being a doctor, she realised she had answers to most of the parenting questions and concerns. And she decided to plunge into a journey of guiding others through her blog My Little Moppet. She also started addressing the daily problem of “what to feed the baby today” by sharing her own tried and tested recipes.

Soon she started receiving requests from other working mommies if she can send over prepared sathumaavu and other instant porridge powders. But being a full-time professional and mother of two moppets, Dr Hema had her own limitations and challenges.

Nevertheless, what is meant to be always finds a way. In 2015, Dr Hemapriya and her family moved back to their hometown and with a better support system, she started making baby food in her own kitchen maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene. And thus was born Little Moppet Foods.

A brand of wholesome and pure 100% Organic homemade baby food products, made without preservatives, added flavours, added sugar or salt. 100% Natural & Organic.

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“I’m not a parenting expert. In fact, I’m not sure that I even believe in the idea of ‘parenting experts.’ I’m an engaged, imperfect parent and a passionate researcher. I’m an experienced mapmaker and a stumbling traveler. Like many of you, parenting is by far my boldest and most daring adventure”

giving birth to her third THIRD BABY

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, ensuring good nutrition is the need of the hour. However, with the increasing amounts of pesticides and chemicals in food, good health is still a distant dream.

This is where the idea for Little Moppet Foods was born. It started out as a baby food seller and is today a full-fledged baby and Mom health food store, supplying homemade baby food products for children and infants above the age of six months.

I regularly post about child health, baby nutrition and kid-friendly recipes on my website, My Little Moppet, and answers parenting questions from readers and customers.



I started MyLittleMoppet to guide new parent on how to care for your little one. But on requests from apprehensive and busy mothers, I started taking orders for baby food. And today we have expanded our product range to natural noodles, multigrain health drinks and organic food products for tots, babies, children, family and expecting mothers.

We use only the freshest ingredients, with organic food supplier Organic Mandya being our preferred organic partner. The utmost hygiene is observed in all our food preparation and packaging processes, and everyone handling the products are required to follow stringent guidelines like wearing gloves and a cap.

PreneurKonnect_MLM_Production Unit

Our products are FSSAI certified and have been tested and certified by a NABL lab. Each of our product comes with a storage instruction. Our products last up to 6 months if stored in airtight containers in a refrigerator and 2 months if kept outside in an airtight container.

As little babies are notorious for being fussy, and no one can predict which food they’ll like the most so we came up with the perfect solutions – Trial Packs of 100gms

A Doctor Mom’s Guide in Raising Healthy Babies


the EASY & the HARD part

Setting up the company, sourcing the right ingredient, packing, securing licenses was definitely harder than I anticipated. Getting the customers was not that tough as I was already getting requests for baby food orders from my blog My Little Moppet. Also, I get a lot of queries from my Facebook page.

My marketing strategies are through Content Marketing and My go-to tool would be my blog My Little Moppet where I promote my products.

my office is as big as a table

We are bootstrapped. So I do not have a separate office. I share it with my husband in his clinic.  And in my home, I have my own working table and some additional table where I keep everything.

experience speaks

Keep Breaking the Target Every Month

My only advice is the work that you do, do it with full honesty and put your mind and energy in achieving the best. And if you want to start something start it now, there is no better time than this.

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