Not many of us choose or get to choose our passion as our career. But this one man had THREE PASSIONS and he gave not one up. Out of his passion for travelling, he became a curator of Indian holiday packages for Europeans and he combined his other two passions – his deep love for nature and his dogs and build Bandipur’s first eco-friendly project Dhole’s Den. 

meet the FOUNDERS


Karthik:  A passionate linguist, a cheese maker, a wine lover, an explorer, and an ardent dog lover. After working for 4 years as a tour operator he started off his entrepreneurial journey organizing private tours for Europeans into India. After losing his right arm in 1998 he utilized his free time to travel and explore the world.

He has been a regular visitor to Bandipur National Park since 1995 but it was only in 2005 that he chanced upon a vacant land that will not only bring him home but also give birth to Bandipur’s first eco-friendly homestay DHOLE’s DEN

Karthik was receiving a lot of queries for pet-friendly hotels and guesthouses in Mysore. So after moving to Bandipur, he opened his townhouse in Mysore, Darshna-Davey’s Townhouse to all guests looking for space to stay with their canine. 

Karthik says “Dhole’s Den is an offshoot of my idea of being able to work out of practically anywhere. I seem to have found the balance of work and living in nature here in Bandipur”.

the Den is a dedication to the DHOLE

Jungle lodges are generally named after the animal found near the vicinity, like the tiger, elephant or leopard. There are many such resorts as well in Bandipur. But being ardent dog lovers we wanted to dedicate our homestay to all that is the dog and to start with the Asiatic Wild Dog. Dhole is the Asiatic wild dog (Cuon alpinus) and is one of the most fascinating hunters in the Indian jungle with a complex and unique social hierarchy.  At Dhole’s Den, it is our endeavour to emphasize the importance and the beauty of this animal and also win support for the conservation of the jungle in Bandipur with the Dhole as its mascot.

inside and outside


preserving & EXPERIENCING nature

Dhole’s Den was conceptualized as an example of an eco-tourism project. We use our time to go on refining what we do. The USP is to have a small carbon footprint and run a place as best you can by taking away frills that are unnecessary. It’s a conscious effort to connect with oneself and family by spending time outdoors. Also, we try and eat what the field provides as organic vegetables and work towards being self-sufficient.

PreneurKonnect_DD_Ecofriendlyfrom being THE GUEST to being THE HOST

It has been difficult as we don’t offer the run of the mill things like swimming pools, party lawns and things like refrigerator, television etc. Also, guests have to understand and think green with us and proactively reduce garbage, be able to manage with minimal power and teach the same to their kids too.

learning and growing 

It takes time for me to conceptualize and execute a property. As the place has design and function both in the forefront it takes time for architects to come up with ideas and things that make sense creating. I need to enjoy the place that I create and need to have fun doing it. Just money doesn’t interest me.

working amidst nature & his dogs


to the NEXT

“Be ready to do more than you planned”

Go for it, dream and plan it well. Organize the funding before you start. Take your partner along. If your life partner isn’t ready to walk that bit and you feel that being with your life partner is more important in life, then forget it. You should be ready to balance both. Responsibilities will be many and it won’t remain just to you, but also get extended to your wife/husband and kids. Your shoulders need to be stronger by the day. Also, there will be things that you and only you can do as an entrepreneur or as homestay owner.

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