Corrugated boxes are dull cube boxes whose purpose is to pack and transport merchandise. Once unpacked these boxes are either discarded or stored for future packaging. If it was not for one person’s creativity and undying passion these boxes would have never found their place in our heart and home. After toying with the idea for 30 years, he gave birth to PaperShaper and life to these corrugated boxes

Meet the Founder


Haresh inherited his father’s packaging business. But more than just running the business he was interested in giving shapes to the cardboard sheets. He wanted to create products using these corrugated board which is not only durable but also artistic. And after years of tedious hard work and determination, he commercially launched ‘Paper Shaper’ 3 years ago.

Haresh completely believes in having faith in one’s passion and calls himself a rebel who refuses conventionality.

giving SHAPE to his idea

As a second generation corrugated board product manufacturer, I grew up with paper boards all my life. I was fascinated with its strength, weight bearing capacity and its durability. I  strongly believe that products made out of paperboard and corrugated board are sustainable and have less impact on the environment. Many things which we use in our day to day life are made from wood, plastic, and metal. Just to prove that these same things can be also made from sustainable materials like paper and the corrugated board. I initially made a chair out of the corrugated board just to convince people. I kept creating and adding more and more products. In fact, some of my furniture at the office have lasted decades of regular use, attesting to their durability and robustness.



Kids Desk with Chair, Children’s sofa set, and the Bookshelf won                                                             PRINTWEEK 2017, INDIASTAR 2017 & SIES SOP STAR AWARDS 2017

BEYOND furniture

The Loo Box is a solution to the problem of sanitation in India. It is also made of corrugated cardboard like all other furniture designed by me. It is lightweight and can be folded and carried easily. Every aspect of this concept has been designed keeping the environment in mind. It can be handy for travelers and elderly at home.

The Loo Box won the INDIASTAR 2017 – National Awards for Excellence in Packaging

PreneurKonnect_PS_Product LooBox

no age no bar

Our products are portable, lightweight, easy to carry. There is no age bar – our products can be used by a newborn baby till the old age people. They are ideal for use in hostels, rented residences, and offices

growing one day at a time

As we all know starting anything new and innovative in Indian market is difficult. Our journey has just begun and we have been getting positive responses from our customers. Word of mouth has given us a good push. We are also doing marketing on social media platforms.

the Studio


Haresh Mehta in his studio. His creativity and ingenuity have won him                                                                                           225+ NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL AWARDS

next in line

We are working on a concept call C’ to C’ that means cradle to coffin. This will cover many products which are required in day to day life. So our target is basically to launch 5 new products every quarter. Additionally, we are also planning to introduce and accept customized orders.

to the NEXT entrepreneur 

Cannot advise anyone, however, I would like to suggest that think out of the box, have passion and patience. Don’t run after money, Money will follow.

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PaperShaper currently operates from Kurla West, Mumbai and delivers across the country. Learn more about their products here.

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