Bored and unemployed, this Software Testing professional, who moved to Australia after her marriage, decided to start cooking to KILL time. Little did she know that in less than 24 months she will have no time to spare. Say hello to the magical hands behind Hebbar’s Kitchen.

Meet the Founders


Archana:  An ex-Software training professional, travel and food enthusiast, Archana was born and brought up in Udupi, Karnataka. She spent few years of her childhood in Hubli, Karnataka as well. Post her marriage she moved to Australia, but finding a job without any local experience was tough. So to keep herself occupied she plunged into the world of WordPress and started Hebbar’s Kitchen.  She started her blog in 2015 and with 54 lakh fans following her she has successfully turned her passion into her full-time profession.

She says “I encourage and motivate people to enjoy cooking with my simple video recipes”.

Cooking up the Storm in 60-120sec


I was always interested in cooking but I never thought I would open a blog someday. After I got married and moved to Australia, I opened up a free WordPress account and I started to post few basic recipes with step by step photos. Around the same time, Buzzfeed Tasty videos were creating a lot of buzz and I was inspired by their videos. Also, there weren’t any Indian channels (or could be but not popular) showcasing the Indian recipes with shorter videos on Facebook. Hence I thought to give a try and the response was amazing.

Three’s a company here

We are a very small team. I and my husband operates Hebbars Kitchen from Australia. And my friend, Shreeprada, back in Mumbai helps me in handling our Facebook page communication, as it is difficult for me to cope with the time difference. She also writes articles regarding cooking tips, tricks and other health benefits using ingredients which are easily available in our kitchen

Marrying the Chores

The first half of the day, I shoot a video. When my husband comes home for lunch, he clicks photos of the recipes I prepared. I edit and finish the video before my husband returns.

marriage gave her SURNAME and also her BUSINESS name

Hebbar is my husband’s surname. This surname is from one of the Brahmin community to which I belong. And it was just a random thought to name my blog as Hebbar’s Kitchen.

cooking her way into our hearts

I started Hebbar’s Kitchen to just keep me occupied. So initially it was only my friends and family who visited my website to check out recipes and share their feedback to improvise it better. After some time I decided to step into the social media space, but the initial response wasn’t too great. However, once I started posting the short videos I started receiving lots of attention and appreciation.

I do not have any marketing strategies. I just keep my videos very simple and all the cookware’s I use are very basic, available in everyone’s house. This also motivates everyone to try in his or her house. I do not use any fancy stuff, as it will be difficult for readers to try.

most important INGREDIENT of Hebbar’s Kitchen


home is the NEW OFFICE

Apart from my kitchen, I have a small studio set up in my house to shoot videos. Also, I do have a dedicated workstation to edit videos. Response to my videos is my inspiration. I get really excited with the positive feedback, but I take negative feedback as a constructive one.

A word of caution for the newbie

Do not loose hopes even if you are not getting any response. 

Just be consistent. Nothing comes easily and there needs lots of hard work and dedication required.

Stirring into an UNKNOWN destination

Hebbar’s Kitchen started as a hobby which later turned into passion cum profession and to be honest, I don’t know where I am headed. I just want to keep the focus on health and nutrition rich vegetarian recipes.

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